There are a few key reasons why it’s better to purchase your next new home during the winter months. While this season brings challenges with moving, the actual buying process is quite positive. You’ll find there are fewer people out shopping for a new home to compete with and
sellers are serious about getting out of their current home. Working with an experienced real estate agent that is familiar with your area will help you get the best deal and find exactly what you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to shop for your next home when the temperatures drop
and things get busy.

Less Competitive Market

Most people tend to shop for a new home during warmer months, especially the summer. Since children are out of school for summer vacation, the transition is easier on little ones (and adults alike). The physical act of moving is also easier since you won’t get hung up due to weather. While spring and summer can bring rain, it won’t last long in most cases. This means people can
plan their moving day around expected storms. Whereas snow can stay frozen and in the way for weeks at a time. This can delay a move. All these factors mean people are more likely to make their next big move during spring and summer. This leaves winter a much less
competitive market. Because of these aspects, there will also be fewer houses to choose from. However, when you find the right home for you, you probably won’t be bidding against other buyers.

Eager Sellers

Because there are fewer people looking for a new home during the winter, the few sellers may have a hard time finding a serious buyer. They may be willing to accept lower offers, especially if their home has been on the market for a considerable length of time. If they have gone
through the trouble of having their home listed during the busy holidays, it means they are serious sellers. With the hustle and bustle of school and work events, family gatherings, and school-year routines to follow, fitting showings into already overbooked schedules shows
determination in selling their property. Consider coming to the table with a reasonable offer that might be a bit lower than their asking price. You could also work to negotiate to keep certain appliances or having the sellers make some repairs or modifications before going to closing.

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