Over the past 48 hours I have been reading articles and posts in which people in the media are making the giant assumption that Brady put his Brookline house on the market in October because he knew that his time in New England was coming to an end, and either retirement or a new team for our beloved quarterback would be inevitable. Since I’ve been in the residential real estate investing business for over twenty years in Boston, I had to assess the situation for myself and felt the need to join in the conversation.

Tom and Giselle’s House in Brookline, MA

Brady and Giselle’s five bedroom Brookline mansion was first purchased at the off-market price of $4.5 million in 2014 from a small college. He renovated the entire house and then listed it last fall at $39.5 million. Shortly after Brady listed his family home, his neighbor also listed his home, with a lot about 2 acres larger and features more bedrooms and baths for an even higher price. This points to the fact that homeowners in the Boston area realize the market is high and this is a good time to sell, not necessarily that Brady is definitely leaving.

Tom and Giselle Are Investors

That said, the media has been quick to connect the dots and say Brady is desperate to sell and fleeing Boston. However, after a little digging into the psychology of Tom Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen’s buying and selling patterns, I discovered that this power couple has been investing in high-end, very stable residential real estate neighborhoods for years while turning out millions in profits.  And since we are upon an election year which may or may not bring an unstable market, it’s easy to see why they made the decision to sell regardless of Brady’s next move with his career.

Final Thoughts on Brady’s Future Moving Forward

Given the downward spiral that was the back half of the Patriots season that concluded a few nights ago to the Titans, plus the fact that Brady’s offensive coordinator will be much sought-after to fill a head coaching slot on another team … my gut is that the Patriots are still in the process of evaluating what the right next move will be: an extension or bidding farewell to the most legendary quarterback Boston has ever had. Then Brady, who I believe is very loyal to his Patriot team, will have some decisions to make. Regardless it doesn’t seem like selling their home has anything to do with becoming a free agent.