If you’re like many pet parents moving to Boston with a dog, you know that it’s going to be a real adventure – and it’s probably going to be at least a little stressful on everyone involved. Check out this complete guide to moving to Boston with a dog for tips on how to de-stress and keep your pooch happy the whole way.

Your Complete Guide to Moving to Boston With a Dog

First things first: Moving is stressful under any conditions, but when you have to share the stress with your four-legged family member, it feels like it’s a little tougher. These tips can help, though:

  1. Stick to your routines as well as you can
  2. Provide extra exercise
  3. Invest in some brain teasers
  4. Take plenty of potty breaks on your way to your new home
  5. Take a leisurely stroll around your new neighborhood before you go in the house

Here’s a closer look at each. 

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Tip #1 for Moving to Boston With a Dog: Stick to Your Routines as Well as You Can

Dogs thrive on routine, and in the days leading up to your move, you should stick to yours as well as you can. Changing things up will disrupt your pup and could even cause pre-move stress – and there’s a good chance that she’s already feeling a little off-kilter because your house is filled with moving boxes (and you’re stressed). Even if you’re rushed, try your best to keep your dog on her routine in the days leading up to moving day.

Tip #2 for Moving to Boston With a Dog: Provide Extra Exercise


Dogs use exercise to shake off stress (just like humans do), so spend some extra time throwing the ball in the backyard, romping around the dog park or going for walks. Your dog will be able to regulate himself based on all the extra movement. On moving day, before the movers arrive, take your dog for an extra-long walk.

Pro Tip: If you can hire a pet sitter for moving day, you should. People will be in and out all day, and your front door will be open more than it’s shut – and that creates an opportunity for a nervous pooch to dart outside. Even if your dog is normally laid-back, it’s a good idea to keep him away from the scene while there’s so much going on. And if you can’t hire a pet sitter, that’s okay; just keep your dog in a closed-off room that no movers will enter.

Tip #3 for Moving to Boston With a Dog: Invest in Some Brain Teasers

When dogs are mentally stimulated, they’re happier and healthier – and even simple puzzles that require your dog to figure something out before getting a treat can work wonders for her brain. Exploring new areas, meeting new playmates and even playing with you can all be part of “brain training.”

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Tip #4 for Moving to Boston With a Dog: Take Plenty of Potty Breaks on Your Way to Your New Home

Try to take plenty of breaks on your way to your new home. You and your dog can both benefit from stretching your legs and answering nature’s call. There are plenty of rest stops along the freeway, and most have pet relief areas.

Tip #5 for Moving to Boston With a Dog: Take a Leisurely Stroll Around Your New Neighborhood Before You Go in the House


When you arrive at your new home, let your dog adjust to being out of the car for a few minutes by taking a walk around the community. Your dog will have plenty to stimulate his brain, and he’ll burn off some extra energy. That way, when it’s time to go inside, he’ll be calmer as he figures things out.

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