BGR Reviews

Boston Green Realty was great when it came to leasing my new apartment in Cambridge. Noah (their rental agent) was very professional and did an exceptional job in finding me the perfect one bedroom within my price range. Noah was responsive to my phone calls and wasn't in a rush when it came to driving me around to look at places. He wasn't pushy, but gave me time to get a feel for each place. Fun guy to chat with too. Beware other rental brokers in the area that employ college students who have no idea what they're doing. That was the case with another place I contacted. Go with the professionals at Boston Green Realty. Ask for Noah. He'll treat you well and find you a terrific place to live.

Paul B. Brookline, MA July 20, 2009

I've been renting for the past 10 years in Boston, moving at least every 2 years. I was VERY impressed by Boston Green Realty. They are probably the first company I have ever worked with that actually knew the Boston area and what he was talking about when it came to finding what I was looking for in my price range. I am SO excited about my new apartment! I look forward to working with you next year!

Chris J. Boston, MA January 14, 2010

I moved to Boston for school about 5 years ago and have been renting apartments ever since. I had been tainted by the realtors I had come across. They were pushy, not interested in what I need, and not very nice in general. I recently discovered Boston Green Realty and worked with Josh. He was was helpful, very prompt, and found me a great place that I could actually afford!! I will definitely be renting from them again!! THANKS BGR!!

Robert G. Somerville, MA January 19, 2010

Leland and Boston Green Realty are truly an asset for all your real estate needs. I can't say enough about how helpful and professional every interaction I have with Leland is. I can always count on a return phone call or email almost immediately, which is very rare to find today. You can be confident that he will be on your side doing anything possible to get the deal done!

Andy H. Medford, MA May 25, 2010

Boston Green Realty is awesome. I've rented a few times in Boston, and when it came time to move again (ugh) I found one of Will's (one of their agents) ads for an apartment on Craigslist and sent him an email. He was really helpful and quick to respond, explained everything to me before we went out, and showed me some really nice apartments in the North End. I wound up with a really great place without a lot of the stress and pressure that I usually associate with apartment hunting, and I'm really excited for moving in this Fall. Definitely give them a call if you're looking for housing in Boston!

Roger G. Boston, MA May 25, 2010

Looking for an ideal home is frustrating and time consuming but if you get a great realtor to help, things are much easier and more comfortable to go through all the processes. I, as a first time home buyer, thank a lot to Leland and Boston Green Realty for their help in purchasing my home. When I met Leland on the web in last December, I had no idea in mind what kind of home I wanted to buy. My wife and I wanted to buy a multi-family in Quincy, then looked for a single family in Randolph, finally we ended up finding an ideal home in Braintree. Lelend patiently showed us one home after another and always explained the good and bad about any homes we saw. We learned a lot from him in the past five months. Realtors are usually pushing their clients to buy the showed house as soon as possible. But Leland has never done that to us. He is always nice, patient, knowledgable, and supportive. He provides lots of information in the surrounding area for reference. He considers his client first, his business second, which is why I appreciate his support. Leland really knows what he is doing in the real estate business, he helped us bargain down nearly 10% of the list price and finally got us the ideal home. To do that, it needs experience and knowledge; Leland for sure is talented for his job. After purchasing our home, Leland also provided lots of suggestions and ideas as how to renovate and improve the home, I appreciate his comments and help as well. The most important thing I need to say is that Leland is always punctual for appoitments, definately reliable and efficient to solve any problems in the process of purchasing. Finally I thank Leland and Boston Green Realty again for your support. You are the best!!!

Xueping F. Braintree, MA May 28, 2010

The folks at Boston Green Realty assisted me with the purchase of my second home and what great service....of course with a smile! With this being one of the most important decisions in life and such a competitive market Leland DeMico was the absolute best. He cares, and is on top of his game every step of the way. If your looking for a smart knowledgeable realtor, Leland's the one! I am the proud owner of a single family ranch & the entire process took less than 90 days! "Smooth Sailing"

Linda W. Mattapan, MA June 6, 2010

Boston Green Realty is awesome. Leland was recommended to me by the Allston Brighton Community Development Center to use as my buyer's agent for my first home purchase. The first, and only, call I made was to Leland. I knew from our first conversation that he was the agent for me. He was patient with my questions and didn't mind that I was a first time buyer, and continued to be patient with me through the process. The property that I ended up buying was a short sale and there were many twists and turns in the process. Leland stood by me at every turn and did everything he could think of to facilitate the process. Many problems and time constraints arose because of the nature of the sale and Leland dealt with all of them, taking a lot of pressure off of me at a very stressful time. No matter how busy he may have been with other clients he always took the time to talk to me and deal with the crisis of the day, and near the end of the process, there did seem to be a new crisis every day. In the end, we prevailed, and I know that Leland's attention and professionalism are a big part of why I was able to close on my first home. Not only is Leland great as his job but he is very personable and fun and easy to talk with. No matter how distraught I was at a new twist Leland was always able to put me at ease. In short, Leland is a fantastic agent. I have recommended him to friends and will continue to do so. If I move in the future, Leland will be my first and only call.

Krista M. North Billerica, MA June 22, 2010

Boston Green Realty was a great find during a recent apartment search. I highly recommend Ingrid who was professional and always quick to communicate back when we had any questions. Ingrid understood the geographic needs and price range and managed the whole process well so that there was never any aggravation for us. The move will take place on September 1st and feeling good about it.

Donna B. Niantic, CT July 7, 2010

When I first met our Realtor, Josh, I wasn't even looking to move but after showing my roommate and I such an incredible place I gave my notice the next day! I've moved in the city before and this was by far the most painless process I have experienced. Josh responded in a timely manner to our excessive emails and phone calls and has continued to answer all our questions and as a liaison with the property management company even after the lease signing was completed. All information was made easy for us to understand and all of our concerns were handled professionally. Overall I would highly recommend Josh and everyone at Boston Green Realty, not only for their friendly and professional personalities but also for their ability to find apartments that far exceed your expectations.

Erin M. Boston, MA July 13, 2010

I would highly recommend Boston Green Realty, and especially agent Josh Kershaw, to anyone. My girlfriend and I randomly got in touch with Josh through Craigslist and we were instantly impressed with his professionalism, clear communication and pleasant demeanor. Instead of showing us places he thought would be suitable, Josh listened to exactly what we wanted and brought us only to apartments that met our specifications. In fact, we found exactly what we were looking for on the very first day out! After settling on a new apartment Josh got all the paperwork together quickly and efficiently and we had them signed that night. Throughout the entire process Josh was always available to take my calls with any questions I had. Eventually, move-in time came around and, as expected, Josh had everything in order with the new landlord and the keys cut and ready. If you need a new place in Boston, call Boston Green Realty and ask for Josh Kershaw!

C D. Boston, MA September 4, 2010

I would like to thank Boston Green Realty and especially Bob. We rented an apartment this week in North End and I want to say he spent 3 hours showing us all the inventory available. He was also upfront that the Landlord was making repairs and adding Laundry. Our sons attend a nearby college and we live outside city and didn't realize the steps in renting an apartment. Your agent was wonderful in taking us thru all the process. Thanks for the great experience!

Sara B. Boston, MA July 16, 2011

This is the only agency that was able to help me get a pet friendly apartment, thanks for the great place and taking care of my dog. I have not moved in yet, but the stress of looking for an apartment is over. To be continued..

Maureen K. Medford, MA July 16, 2011

Boston Green Realty, truly thou art a jewel among rental agencies. Anyhow, I found the Agency through Craigslist. They showed me many different places on the first day. Granted you have to pay the realtors fee and, depending on how high your rent is, that can really break you. But hey, they are all like that, so you have to deal with it. We moved to Boston last year and had a summer sublet that was supposed to have the option to renew. Imagine our irritation and panic when, in the middle of August, we didn't have a place to stay starting September 1st. Terrifying! Especially since September 1st is THE moving day in Boston. We were terrified we wouldn't be able to find a place and decided to call Boston Green Realty. Thank you again for you patience and getting us that lovely 1bedroom Loft.

Steve F. Boston, MA July 18, 2011

My Realtor was so helpful and went above and beyond. He didn't waste my time with places she knew were out of my budget or preference, and had several places to show me and which were all great options. He always responded to my calls and emails and would work around my schedule for showings. They are informative, easy to work with, and an overall great company when it comes to finding a place to live! Everyone else at the company is also very friendly and works hard for each client. If you're looking to rent or buy, this is a great place to start the search! Boston Green Realty currently manages the building I live in. I've been dealing with them for 5 years so far. They are amazing at what they do. If you're renting and your building is managed by Boston Green Realty, count yourself lucky! Can not say enough good things about them.

Nicole S. Boston, MA July 18, 2011

I was beyond pleasantly surprised with my experience at Boston Green Realty. I found them through a craigslist ad when I was feverishly searching for a studio or 1 bedroom in Boston at the beginning of the year. Not only was I searching for a place at a very weird time of year, but I also was in kind of a hurry. Their office is on Berkeley St, just a stone's throw from the Arlington T stop. So very convenient! Their search system is great: very user-friendly and up-to-date. I highly recommend Boston Green Realty. Thanks I love my place!

Sonia D. Boston, MA July 21, 2011

I had a wonderful experience finding an apartment with Boston Green Realty. I had a VERY short amount of time to find a place, and needed one that was available immediately. I was not having much luck with other realty groups. Essentially, the opposite of every other realty agency I've dealt with in the Boston area. Professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I was relocating from new york and had only one day to look for apartments. With THEIR experience of the market and knowledge of Boston, I ended up paying a lot less for a nicer apartment. The agency's listings tend to be much better than most of the junk on craigslist. They have a lot of listings for condos being rented out by owners. Their search system is great: very user-friendly and up-to-date. You tell them what your parameters are (price, bedrooms, neighborhoods, etc.) and you get a personal list of matching properties. The list gets updated every time there is a status change (rented, back-on-the-market, price change, etc.) so you know immediately if something you're interested in is no longer available.

Tony T. Boston, MA August 2, 2011

Working with these guys was probably one of the best experiences that I've had with a realtor They have the best selection; they are the most organized, Boston Green Realty was a lot of fun and never put pressure on us or got impatient with our indecisive tendencies or any of our requests. We instantly made friends and it was very low stress. The best thing about working with Boston Green Realty is that they showed us so many properties, and they help you keep track of all the pros and cons of each with a really well organized spread sheet. You can take notes and the spread sheet tells you which places have parking, laundry, heat/hot water included etc. Then when you move in they give you a great housewarming gift. I have probably worked with a dozen realtors and companies and I have never been so impressed with the service anywhere in Boston. Hats off to these guys! Extremely friendly, they listen very well to your criteria and they cater to your needs.

Tom T. Boston, MA August 7, 2011

I have to agree with the other reviews. I worked exclusively w/ Boston Green Realty they were responsive and professional over the course of several weeks. I would have been thrilled to move into a place managed by Boston Green Realty because it was clear that they would ensure me I would be taken care of. This is my third apartment and I have been blown away Every call- question, comment, complaint - is answered promptly; in fact I don't even usually have to leave a message I talk to someone right away.

8/5/2011 It's really hard to find a great Realtor. In the housing frenzy of the mid-2000s everyone got into real estate. I was in a bar where the bar tender was moonlighting as a mortgage broker and signing loans for people while serving them drinks. It was bad. Today the market has cooled considerably but there are still a lot of amateurs out there. It's hard to find someone in this field that is a true professional, that has the right contacts, and who actually brings value to your transaction. I will definitely work with Boston Green Realty again in the future and I recommend them to all of my friends.

7/16/2011 I ONLY Basically work with Boston Green Realty. Even-though Craigslist these days can be skeptical they definitely showed me Real properties associated with the ads. They have some realtors I really liked working with! There was no hard sell, and a lot of communication. Not to mention, the office looked and acted professional as a whole. I really have no complaints and definitely plan to use them again when the time comes. It was a great experience, and I absolutely love my current apartment.

Kristen P. Boston, MA August 7, 2011

This review is entirely based on our great experience with Boston Green Realty! My girlfriend and I recently moved to Boston for school and work. We came from upstate New York about 3 hours away, so as you can imagine, that sort of a drive can make it a little tough to really apartment hunt. Upon arrival, he had 5 different places for us to look at and before we left to return to upstate New York, we had put down a deposit on a REALLY AWESOME apartment in Back Bay. He took the stress out of the hunting and made our move one of the most easiest transitions ever. 5 stars. I will return when I look for another place in the distant, distant future

F G. Boston, MA August 7, 2011

Boston Green Realty is the reason I have a roof over my head in Boston! I moved to Boston upon graduating from college. I knew that I was in for a treat while apartment-hunting in Boston based on all of the crazy stories from friends. My roommate and I wanted equal bedrooms in North End or Back Bay and we weren't willing to settle for anything less than the perfect apartment in the perfect location. Boston Green Realty made sure that I didn't see any units that were out of my price range. After a week of showing us great places, we found our current apartment. We were so lucky to have worked with Boston Green Realty. They know the inventory and are consummate professional and kept us informed every step of the way. I recommend Boston Green Realty to all of my friends who are embarking upon apartment searches. Thanks so much!

Emilio C. Boston, MA August 8, 2011

I believe that at this point in time, moving in Boston twice, I have worked with basically every realty company in Boston Green Realty. They were nice, calm, professional, and showed me exactly what I was looking for . There was no hard sell, and a lot of communication. Not to mention, the office looked and acted professional as a whole. I really have no complaints and definitely plan to use her again when the time comes. It was a great experience, and I absolutely love my current apartment. Thanks Boston Green Realty! 1 Previous Review: 8/2/2011 Great Experience! Thanks for the great apartment! It was stressful but they got me what I was looking for. You dont realize how much the apartment fits you until you move in.

Pina D. Somerville, MA August 12, 2011

Really appreciate the help of the realtor(s). They were detailed and informative in helping me to sign my lease. I knew there was a chance that my current place would potentially disappear into another person's hands if I didn't put in the paperwork fast enough and the realtor(s) were as prompt as possible to guarantee me this place so I am grateful for their work.

Christine C. Boston, MA September 28, 2011

Before working with Leland on purchasing a condo I worked with two other agents/brokers from two very reputable companies in Boston. Leland was far superior and it showed from my initial call with him through to the closing. He's knowledgeable, easy to connect / get along with, and most importantly he listened; he showed me only properties that fit my criteria and looked out for my best interest at every showing. He pointed out both the good and the bad with each condo we saw just like if he was buying the condo for himself. This was my first real estate purchase so when we finally found the right place, he walked me through all the steps and acted as my advocate. All the way up to the closing his professionalism showed as he made the whole process seamless and was on top of every little detail. When it came to closing day, we did a final walk through of the condo and while everything looked good, the place was filthy. Leland helped me get a cleaning crew there that day to clean and when it came time to pay the bill, he had already taken care of it- telling me it was a closing gift from him. All in all, Leland is a great broker and even a better person. I would have no hesitation recommending him to family and friends, and in fact I already have.

Josh June 15, 2012

Leland was hands down the best agent I could have asked for. As a first time homebuyer, I had many fears and questions, but Leland took care of everything. He was easy to talk to, easy to get a hold of, and absolutely looking out for me in every way. I would recommend Leland to any and all prospective homebuyers. Thanks to him, I found my ideal location, put in my offer, and was moved in within an astonishingly short time frame. I will absolutely contact Leland again in the future when purchasing my next home!

Mike M. March 9, 2013

I recommend Leland to anyone who wants a super knowledgeable broker. The property I bought was actually one that originally, I did not want to see but Leland encouraged me to look at it and it ended up being the perfect one! He is always easily reachable and has a nice happy attitude.

Polina January 18, 2018

Leland is very knowledgeable and listens to and respects his clients' needs.

Lori March 29, 2018

Leland was very knowledgeable and professional.

Kate April 29, 2018

Leland was a complete professional from first to last contact through the process of evaluating our property, getting it ready for sale, through the closing. This was a challenging situation, it was my Mom's home, and hard to let go, as well as having a sibling who we had difficulty in reaching at times. Leland was a trooper and didn't give up, I wish everyone I dealt with was as easy, professional and had the follow through that he has. I would recommend him to everyone I know looking to buy or sell a property. He's great, and it's refreshing to come across someone who GOES THE EXTRA MILE!

Linda A. February 25, 2019

I highly recommend Leland. He returns calls quickly, VERY responsive, always available and extremely professional. I have already recommended him to some of my close friends.

Steve G. March 25, 2019

Leland is a great real estate agent. He really knows what he is doing. I knew almost nothing when I started looking for houses and Leland taught me a lot and let me know what to look and what to do. He is well-experienced, respectable, punctual, easy-going, and patient. Most importantly he helped me solve all the problems I met during the home purchase process as a first time home buyer. I am very grateful to Leland and have been recommended him to my friends as a real estate agent since I met him.

Xueping April 30, 2019

Dedicated, responsive and professional! Leland is a stellar agent. Highly recommended.

Nate August 9, 2019

A true professional, always returned calls promptly and he made things happen on my schedule and timeframe. I give him a 10+

Wade August 15, 2019

Leland was outstanding, professional and realistic in every regard. He is the agent to work with!!

Mike L. October 2, 2019