Boston Green Realty, truly thou art a jewel among rental agencies. Anyhow, I found the Agency through Craigslist. They showed me many different places on the first day. Granted you have to pay the realtors fee and, depending on how high your rent is, that can really break you. But hey, they are all like that, so you have to deal with it. We moved to Boston last year and had a summer sublet that was supposed to have the option to renew. Imagine our irritation and panic when, in the middle of August, we didn’t have a place to stay starting September 1st. Terrifying! Especially since September 1st is THE moving day in Boston. We were terrified we wouldn’t be able to find a place and decided to call Boston Green Realty. Thank you again for you patience and getting us that lovely 1bedroom Loft.

Steve F.