I have to agree with the other reviews. I worked exclusively w/ Boston Green Realty they were responsive and professional over the course of several weeks. I would have been thrilled to move into a place managed by Boston Green Realty because it was clear that they would ensure me I would be taken care of. This is my third apartment and I have been blown away Every call- question, comment, complaint – is answered promptly; in fact I don’t even usually have to leave a message I talk to someone right away.

8/5/2011 It’s really hard to find a great Realtor. In the housing frenzy of the mid-2000s everyone got into real estate. I was in a bar where the bar tender was moonlighting as a mortgage broker and signing loans for people while serving them drinks. It was bad. Today the market has cooled considerably but there are still a lot of amateurs out there. It’s hard to find someone in this field that is a true professional, that has the right contacts, and who actually brings value to your transaction. I will definitely work with Boston Green Realty again in the future and I recommend them to all of my friends.

7/16/2011 I ONLY Basically work with Boston Green Realty. Even-though Craigslist these days can be skeptical they definitely showed me Real properties associated with the ads. They have some realtors I really liked working with! There was no hard sell, and a lot of communication. Not to mention, the office looked and acted professional as a whole. I really have no complaints and definitely plan to use them again when the time comes. It was a great experience, and I absolutely love my current apartment.

Kristen P.