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Before I start talking about how to become the best of the best, I want to ensure that we have a crystal clear understanding of the dissimilarity between the Boston Realtors and the Real Estate Agents. On simplest expressions, a Realtor is very much like a real estate agent that is an active associate of the National Association of Realtors. They take part in various roles in fulfilling tasks for the Real Estate Industry. To name a few, they can be a broker associate for houses for sale in Boston, a property manager, a broker associate, an exclusive buyer’s agent, a managing broker, and more. They are also bound by the 17 Articles of Realtor Code of Ethics which is something that is very noteworthy to both the vendor and the purchaser of the property. Compared to the Real Estate Agents, well, they mostly have to mediate a sale transaction between a property seller and a buyer. They do not regularly perform other duties that a Realtor provides to their clients.

Now that we have learned the distinguishing factors of Boston Realtors, let us now find out how to be among the best of them.

Make Yourself Known by Joining or Hosting Open House Events
An open house event is one way of getting the buyer’s interest on the property. Other than having an entertaining tour of the house, this is also an opportunity for them to get familiarized with the neighborhood. Successful referrals frequently happen as well after hosting a prosperous Open House.


Earn Publicity by Making Your Presence Felt Online
Online shopping has gone very far. Consumers nowadays found convenience in finding properties for sale through the internet, and it is actually a great marketing strategy. Even if you already made your name by being featured on some online contents, having your personal website, or a startup blogsite will definitely be a huge help in gaining online.

Never Ever Turn Down a Deal with Your Clients
I must admit that at the end of the day, it’s all about getting your much-deserved commission. But here’s a true story; not all deals will give you the fat paycheck that you are dreaming of. The truth is, some transactions will break you even. But low to zero profit should not be a reason for you to turn a buyer or a seller down. Other than getting a lousy reputation in the business, you might also miss the break of getting a better-paying property in the future that could come from client’s referrals.

Get Acquainted With Fellow Realtors
A healthy competition is always a worthy contest. Though all Boston Realtors are competing for a sale, it is not a bad habit to get acquainted with your associates on the industry. Making friends with co- realtors might not be necessary but having an acquaintance with most of them will definitely make your life easier as you progress in the world of Real Estate business. You can work for acclaimed real estate companies so you can get helpful tips and at the same time, have the opportunity to share your best practices.

There is a massive rise in the number of Realtors in the city, and it takes a lot of effort and experience to be on the top of the list. Real Estate companies such as Boston Green Realty is one of those firms that has a good reputation of realtors which you should consider in having a career with.



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