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Have you ever encountered a website that suddenly pops up a window asking you to enter your personal data before you can proceed? Or probably an online advertisement phishing your card information for a chance to win the lottery? I guess everyone who regularly uses the internet already had this kind of experience. Sadly, these types of scams don’t end there.  It is indeed very convenient to find houses for sale in Boston from the internet, but be cautious with the sensitivity of information that you provide online. Fraudsters are very creative in their methods of squeezing out personal data from people that are looking for assistance from different websites. They are attacking from every angle, including the Real Estate Industry, so make sure that you are doing business with a trustworthy Rental Property Manager. If you are just like me who do not get the chance to buy a property daily and speak with them on a regular basis, the task of identifying a fraudster from a legit Real Estate Agent can be a tough one.

Providing what is being asked for online puts your personal information at risk from being stolen by fraudsters, so don’t be a victim of identity theft. Read along and learn some tips on how to safely search properties for sale and making transactions with authentic Property Managers.

Check the type of connection on the website that is used for access. Normally, a secure website has a tag of either “HTTPS” or “SECURE”, rather than the standard “HTTP” designation. Both “https” and “secure” tags undergo a security certification process compared to those fake websites that only use the standard tag.

Almost all legit websites tend to mirror the name of the company or business. Let’s take Boston Green Realty for Example. Even if you will just do a Google Search for “Boston Green Realty”, you will find their official homepage, on top of your search results. This confirms the legitimacy of the webpage which is the actual link to have direct access with the company.

Fake websites are normally rushed. You will find that they have poor layout quality, and a couple of misspelled words if you will try to read along the fine print. It is noticeable that their contact information attached is very vague. Most of the time, the phone number listed is a random 1-800 number and the email address is very generic, like and it’s almost impossible to receive a response if you will try to send it a message.

Finally, something that is very evident on a fake real estate webpage is it will always ask for your personal data and bank or card details. Rental Property Managers do not ask for that information online or over the phone. They will just normally ask for a contact information such as your phone number and email address, the best time to reach you, and will arrange a schedule to meet you in person.

These are just some of the things that will guide you in finding a trustworthy Real Estate Agent. So the next time that you get routed to a suspicious website and you think that it is phishing for personal information, try to reflect on the reminders listed above. It will definitely save you from getting into trouble.


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