First Time Investors


One of the biggest things we find ourselves consulting people on is building their confidence to buy their first investment property. Most people think a “good” investment is hard to come by, requires a huge cash down payment and is complicated but is just not true.

At Boston Green Realty we are here to tell you that real estate investing in what we call, the Boston strong market, is one of the most confident and stable real estate markets available to first-time investors in America.

Factors that contribute to Boston’s extremely stable real estate market include the many colleges and universities, the world-renowned hospitals, the strong financial/business district and the proximity to Europe and New York City. With Boston Green Realty supporting you throughout the process one can feel confident they are in the hands of one of Boston’s most experienced property investment brokers.

For our First time investors, we educate on all the types of Boston property investments available both on and off-market. Playing out real-life scenarios on the different types of properties helps a client better visualize the type of outcome options they desire. This education and guidance help direct clients to their highest and best investment property tailor fit their personal goals and visions.

Tangible things to get excited about being a first-time investor in Boston are:

  • Cash Flow
  • Tenants pay down your loan
  • Appreciation each year
  • Income tax savings

The most exciting factor of all is that we keep the process fun while helping you avoid the many potential pitfalls this process can have on a first-time investor.

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