BGR is an international brokerage that has agents on staff that speak fluently in Chinese, Spanish and Italian. We work with many overseas investors that are looking to align themselves with a brokerage office that can help them navigate through the Boston market successfully. We offer our overseas partners with a firm that can provide everything it takes to accomplish any investor

At BGR we can handle the following roles:

  1. Customized MLS Account to sort through all on market properties. We also offer our investors properties that are sold off the market which is never seen by the public.
  2. Knowledgeable, Experience and Seasoned Broker Representation
  3. Contractor Estimates for properties that need work
  4. Project Management
  5. Rental or Sales Services
  6. Property Management Services

We are all in-house with the ability to work with you from start to finish. Whether your style of investing is buying and flip or buy and hold we are not going anywhere. We will stand behind our commitment to bring excellence to the table when you work with us!

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