Suzanne DiMeco Co-Owner & Property Manager

With over tens years of experience in various energy and environmental positions and now owner of Boston Green Realty, Suzanne DiMeco has developed the experience, knowledge and expertise to transform any business into a socially responsible company. As a graduate of Boston University’s prestigious CEES, Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, Suzanne holds a BA of Environmental Analysis and Policy. Suzanne’s experience started when she worked under EssGroup, Inc. as an environmental policy consultant for large-scale projects such as  the “Cape Wind Project”. Here Suzanne’s deep understanding on how the principals of proper planning and project oversight took root with the success of the project despite the strong opposition from famous government figures. Suzanne worked with other green firms such as Progressive Asset Management a socially responsible investment firm. Here Suzanne’s strong communication skills, personal attention and understanding of her client’s wants & needs helped the company grow their client base in just one fiscal year.  Even with just ten years of in-field experience and considerable knowledge Suzanne has proven to be a strong figure in the green consulting world. Suzanne was featured in such publications as Boston Business Journal for creating her own eco-conscious company. As owner of Boston Green Realty, a full service real estate firm that focuses on eco-conscious living and the construction of high performance green homes, Suzanne has set the stage for higher standards of real estate practices.  Acting here, Suzanne continues to consult landlords, investors and homeowners on the ways of living healthier and going green. Overall, her specialty is assessing and calculating the dollar value of any eco-friendly or energy efficient improvements to a business, project or a property. She wants business owners, investors and people of all types to understand that by going green you actually put more green back in your pocket!

Suzanne DiMeco

M: 617-794-9871

Boston University
BA: Environmental Policy
Certified Ecobroker


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